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QXI Web Invoicing Logo
Frequently Answered Questions

What is "web based" or "online invoicing" software?

Web based (or online) software is a software that can be accessed through your PC's web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer).
There is nothing to install and all your data is stored on our secure servers.
It works the same way as web-based e-mail (i.e. Hotmail or Yahoo) that you might be already familiar with.

Is the free account a fully functioning version of the software?

Yes. QX Web Invoice free account is a fully functional account; it is not a trial account that will expire at some point.
All functions work the same way as in the paid version.
We also do not bother users with any online advertising.
There is no credit card required to sign up for free account.

How to contact support?

The easiest and quickest way to reach us is by email:
Support hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm PST
Enterprise customers will also have direct access to their account manager, if they need to speed things up.
Our support team will do their best to help you with all your issues as soon as possible.
When contacting us regarding your existing QX Invoice account, please make sure you provide the email address associated with your account.

What does 30 day money back guarantee mean?

This applies to non-Free accounts. If you cancel your account within 30 calendar days, we will refund all your money with no questions asked.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. Your account can be cancelled at any time, no questions asked. If you terminate a non-Free account, you will be charged the fees applicable for the balance of the last billing period (month).

What broswers are supported?

QX Invoice was thoroughfully tested with the latest versions of Internet Explorer (version 7), Mozilla Firefox (version 3), Safari and Google Chrome browsers.
It should work fine with any decent browser released within the last couple of years.

How do my clients receive their invoices?

You can send your invoices as a PDF, in an email attachment; or you can print and mail the invoices to your clients by yourself.
If your company has PayPal account, whenever you send an invoice to your clients, there will be 'payment link' automatically included in the email, so your clients can pay the invoice using PayPal or any major credit card.

Is my data safe?

All communications to and from our system are encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption. Even images!
We took extreme measures to provide our clients with maximum available security and reliability. The whole system was designed and implemented with these goals in mind.
The system is overly redundant, hosted in secure and controlled environment. The network is managed by SonicWALL and Cisco equipment (firewalls, switches and routers). All data is stored in redundant SSD arrays, to ensure maximum reliability and speed allowed by today's technology. We do nightly backups of your data, and we also keep weekly snapshots for at least three months. If you delete your data (or part of it), you need to let us know within three months if you want it restored. We may charge you extra for partial data recovery which could be sometimes very time-consuming.
We do not store any credit card information in our system. Once payments are processed by credit card merchant (bank or PayPal), we receive and store payment confirmations only.
We constantly monitor our system, and we regularly apply all security updates and patches.

How do I upgrade my account?

QX Invoice - Upgrade When you sign up for a new QX Invoice account, you will start with a Free account. It is a fully usable account, as you have unlimited number of invoices you can create, and unlimited number of items in your inventory.
If the number of your customers or users grows, you may need to upgrade your Free account, to Corporate or Enterprise account.
Upgrade Account panel can be accessed from the top menu Functions.
Simply choose the plan you need, and click on one the dogs - smaller dog for Corporate upgrade, and bigger dog for the Enterprise.

In the next step you will be redirected to PayPal's page which will allow you to make a payment. You don't need to have a PayPal account. You can either use your existing PayPal account, or any of the major credit cards.
Once your payment is processed by PayPal, our system will receive an automated notification, and your account will be upgraded. Usually (depending on the payment method), it takes just few minutes. If you choose the 'E-check' payment method, it may take PayPal several days to clear it. You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal when your payment goes through. You will be automatically charged the subscription fee every month.

QX Invoice - recurrent invoice

How to handle recurrent invoices?

Typically invoices are one-time events. However, in many business models recurrent invoices can significantly decrease the amount of paperwork.
For example, if you need to charge your customers a fixed monthly or annual fee, all you need to do, is to create a Recurrent Invoice, and once it is done, QX Invoice will automatically generate subsequent invoices when they are due (e.g., next month or next year). Each subsequently generated invoice will be automatically emailed to your customer.
If, for any reason, you need to stop recurrent invoices, you need to edit the original, recurrent invoice, and change Recurring field to One Time Invoice.

How PayPal or credit card payments work?

QX Invoice - email with paypal payment link When your invoice is paid (e.g., in cash), you can mark it as Paid in the QX Invoice. As an option, if you have a PayPal account and you want your customers to pay your invoices via PayPal or credit card, you should enter your PayPal's email address in the Settings panel. Once it is done, each new invoice emailed to your customers will automatically include a link to PayPal's payment page. Your customer needs to follow this link to make a payment.
Once the payment is accepted, our system will automatically receive a payment notification from PayPal, and mark the invoice as paid. You will also receive an email notification.
Of course, your customers do not have to have a PayPal account to pay your invoice. They can either use their PayPal account if they have one, or simply pay with any major credit card. This way, payments can be collected much faster, and in much more convenient, paperless way.

How to upload or change my company logo?

Sample Logo - a dog The Settings panel (accessible from the top menu) allows users to enter their business information, including company's logo.
Recommended pixel resolution for your company's Logo is max. 150 x 150, but feel free to experiment with different sizes (e.g., wider). JPG, GIF, and PNG file formats are supported.
Whenever you upload new image, the previous one will be deleted, even if the images have different names.
You also need to mark Show Company's Logo checkbox, if you want the logo to be displayed in your PDF invoice.
When you start with new QX Invoice account, there will be a sample image (of a dog) uploaded as your logo.

How to change the text of my emails sent to the customers?

QX Invoice comes with standard, predefined templates for your invoices. For more technically savvy users, we provided a way to modify these templates, and customize them your own way.
Settings allow to define your own text templates for:
a) - email that you can send to your clients with an invoice (and payment link) attached;
b) - invoice header; by default your logo (if defined) and your Tax Id will be printed, but fell free to add your own touch to it;
c) - default invoice terms (normally printed at the bottom of each invoice).
If you mess up any of the templates (do not touch it if you don't know what are you doing), it is always possible to discard your changes, and revert to the original templates. If you need help - contact us, we can design custom made templates for your company (at additional fee).

What's a template?

Often, you'll be sending emails that are very similar to one another (i.e. sending invoice to your customers). To save you the hassle of typing the same text each time, just use the templates located on your settings page.
See previous answer for more details on QX Invoice templates.

I need more clients/users than what is offered

If you have any requests or specific requirements, please contact our support team.
We can design a custom plan that will match your exact needs. Our system is very flexible, and most of parameters, limits and look and feel, can be easily customized.

I need my own branding (logo, domain, etc.)

This is very common request, especially among enterprise customers.
We can very easily deploy custom designed system that will meet all your requirements. Your own color scheme, images, logos, company names, etc.
It is also possible, to use your own domain or subdomain, instead of Finally, we can host a dedicated server that will be handling only your account(s).
Please contact our support for more details regarding these options.

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